Finance and Administrative

The Finance and Administration Department in our company is composed of the Financial Services Division and the Administration and Strategic Planning Division.

The global dynamics in the business environment have increased the role of the finance management. Knowledge on how to appropriately make investment and financing decisions is the key to determine the monetary success of a company.

Being able to recognise the inherent risk of these decisions and knowing how to adequately hedge against uncertainty is crucial in our highly integrated system of capital markets.

The main services are offered by our financial department include the following:

  • Planning of annual and medium-term resources according to evolving strategic priorities
  • Ensuring that departmental and divisional resource plans are consistent with company priorities and norms
  • Monitoring resource usage according to efficiency norms and emerging needs
  • Supporting and coordinating a major element of the company risk management system
  • Leading the implementation and evolution of management for development results throughout the organisation 


The administration sector provides general administrative duties, while coordinating with the human resource department. The significance of the administration departments within a company is coordinating works across all other departments and processing all of the administrative duties with the rest of the company.

The services provided by the administration department include the following:

  • Monitoring internal communications so that all members of the company are aware of what is going on within the company
  • Processing paperwork and information for internal people
  • Receiving deliveries arriving at the office
  • Ensuring quality customer service
  • Data processing of all communication and documentation
  • Invoicing and bill collection of clients

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