Since its establishment, GC&DA LLC has been extensively involved in providing support to the Technical Assistance Projects funded by different agencies such as providing experts for Call for Bidding, as well as management and implementation of complex and multi-disciplinary Technical Assistance.

Regarding the projects, for the execution of project activities and accomplishment of objectives, our backstopping services focus on: assistance on project set-up, establishment of monitoring tools and quality control mechanisms, assessment of project progress, financial and accounting management, support to preparation of project reports and manuals, experts – team evaluation and logistic support.

Another activity of GC&DA LLC is preparation and execution of Grant Schemes for local contractors. We monitor closely application procedures for local contractors, we prepare the applications for Grant Beneficiaries including  tailor support activities at each stage of project preparation and implementation, including procedural checks over consistency of procurement, eligibility of costs, publicity and visibility, documentation and bookkeeping, as well as reporting with grant scheme rules and contract.

If you are interested in actively contributing to the success of our challenging project assignments you are invited to download the CV template at call for experts.

You can apply during all project stages especially when the projects are in Forecast, Open, Pre-selection, Bid preparation and Implementation. The responsible project manager and/or bid manager will in reply as quickly as possible to you. We are looking forward to receiving your application.