Project Department

Since our establishment, GC&DA LLC has been extensively involved in providing support to Technical Assistance Projects that are funded by different donor agencies.  We provide experts for Calls for Proposals, as well as the management and implementation of complex and multi-disciplinary projects.

Regarding the execution of project activities and accomplishment of objectives, our backstopping services focus on the following: assistance on project set-up, , establishment of monitoring tools and quality control mechanisms, assessment of project progress, financial and accounting management, support to preparation of project reports and manuals, creation of expert teams, monitoring and evaluation, and logistical support.

Another activity of GC&DA LLC is the preparation and execution of Grant Schemes for applicant companies. We inspect the application procedures, assist in preparing the applications documentation, and help in formulating innovative project solutions. For winners of grants, we assist in project management by ensuring appropriate procurement procedures are followed, reports are produced according to respective donor requirements, donor visibility is maintained, bookkeeping and documentation is undertaken, and all contract requirements are respected.

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