Start Date/End Date:25.03.2014 / 15.04.2014
Beneficiary:USAID Community Action Initiative Program (CAIP)
Client:MercyCorps/ Funded by USAID CAIP
Project Name:End-Line survey on Common Interest
Project Description:Conduct an Endline Survey with 1050 respondents from municipalities populated with the non-majority community in Kosovo. The main purpose of the project is to conduct an Endline survey for evaluating non-majority community attitudes related to the shared interest with majority community in terms of cooperation and issues related to the quality of life. The objective of the survey is to determine the percentage change in the percentage of the people who believe they share common interests with members of other communities through comparing the results of this endline survey with the established baseline.
Start Date/End Date:06.04.2012 / 14.05.2012
Beneficiary:Private Sector in Kosovo
Sectors:Qualitative research
Client:Checchi and Company Consulting Inc.
Project Name:System for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) funded by USAID
Project Description:Global Consulting & Development Associates has organized 5 focus groups with: three focus groups were organized with representatives from various businesses (agriculture, trade, construction and IT); one focus group was organized with legal representatives; and one focus group was organized with business lawyers.
Start Date/End Date:05.08.2015 / 07.12.2015
Beneficiary:Citizens of Prizren
Sectors:Consulting services - capacity building
Client:NGO EC Ma Ndryshe
Project Name:"Inclusive City - participatory planning for sustainable urban development in Prizren", a project funded by Olof Plame International Centre (supported by the Swedish Government)
Project Description:Global Consulting & Development Associates has conducted a research with 500 respondents in the municipality of Prizren on the current situation of Urban Planning in Prizren. For this research the company has conducted both qualitative research through realization of focus group discussions with representative stakeholders and quantitative research through survey with 500 respondents from different parts of Prizren.
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